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A19C Yellow Lime

A19C Yellow Lime

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Suitable For

Children above 1 to Elderly, Pregnant woman, Cancer & Diabetes Patient

Natural honey refers to honey made by bees through the nectar of flowers in nature. Bees are insects that live in groups, especially when they collect nectar and when a single scent of nectar is conditioned to be emitted, bees will focus on collecting one kind of flower according to their instincts. They will not switch to another kind of nectar until the nectar is fully collected. Hence, the honey they collected from one kind of flower nectar will be called Monofloral Honey. 🌻 

Effect: Suitable for strengthening resistance, replenishing physical strength, aphrodisiac, sore throat, cough, cold, phlegm reduction, and sensitive nose. Recommended to consume during the morning or daytime.

Usage Instructions

  • Dissolve honey in warm water of 70 Degrees Celsius to help it to quickly dissolve without killing the nutrients and enzymes
  • Do not store in fridge
  • Natural Wild Honey has no expiry date
  • Do not use a metal spoon to scoop as it might interact with the honey. Use a Wooden or Ceramic spoon instead

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