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The world of wild honey

Wild honey is a gift from nature. Yummi House produces the highest grade honey sourced from natural wild honey comb in the forests.

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The world of bird's nest

Yummi House strives to adhere to the traditional method of hand-picking bird’s nest to ensure its quality. This method allows the bird's nest to retain its original nutritional value, and helps the bird's nest maintain a tight and firm shape. Hence, every piece of bird's nest is of the best quality.

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Customer feedback

Yummi House's wild honey is good!

Kerry Chong


Yummi House's bird's nest is clean and of consistently good quality! Will definitely come back again!

SH khoo


They provide a very nice service, and let me try the honey drink to know more about their wild honey.

Judy Tang



How honey can be used?

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Why honey is better than sugar?

Why honey is better than sugar? Contains traces of vitamins and minerals Helps desensitise from allergic reactions K...

Which Sweetener Should I Use?

In Singapore, 1 out of 9 people aged between 18 to 69 have diabetes. That is about 11.3% of our population or more t...

Welcome to Yummi House – The World of Nature

First established in 2007, Singapore-based Yummi House is dedicated to providing the best natural health products to consumers through our extensive collections of natural wild honey and imperial bird’s nest.

Each and every of our health product is the result of research, development, production, and sourcing from the most natural environments. The quality and originality of our products are only made better with each customer we satisfy.

Values of Yummi House

Here at Yummi House, it is not just about the natural health products designed to benefit everyone in Singapore. It is also about you, the consumer. Our mission and values are all aligned to give you the best while being the best.

Customer Service

Yummi House is fully committed to engaging, listening to, and ensuring that all of our customers are satisfied with our services from start to finish.


We are 100% transparent about both our processes as well as the source of our products. If you want to enjoy safe health products in Singapore, trust in Yummi House.


Every staff member of Yummi House understands the importance of our customers and the trust you place in us. We take the responsibility seriously, and our efforts are reflected in our projects and all the relationships we have with our customers.


Yummi House is always looking towards the future, and we are not discouraged by any setbacks. Tomorrow will be better, and everyone truly believes that.


Overcoming challenges is what we do here at Yummi House. It allows us to constantly be seeking out new knowledge and continuous improvements, all to give you the best natural health products in Singapore.

Spirit of Teamwork

Everyone counts, and we make sure that each individual in the organisation is looked after and motivated to move forward together.

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