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Making Healthy Food a Gift for Loved Ones

Everyone loves food, but the dishes we love may not always be the healthiest of choices.

Yummi House makes it easier by combining both, with our large variety of products designed to be perfect gifts that also happen to be excellent healthy food.

With the warm and soothing taste of our amazing natural wild honey, Yummi House is the premier choice. Whether you are looking to spoil yourself or put a smile on a loved ones’ face with a gift, our healthy food choices will do the trick.

The Benefits of Natural Wild Honey

A05 Mangosteen

A popular choice amongst the ladies, the A05 Mangosteen natural wild honey selection has a distinct sweet and sour taste with bitter notes. Harvested from beehives around mangosteen trees in the most natural of environments. 

Cherry & Barley Gift Box

Featuring the amazing cherry and barley lines of natural wild honey, enjoy the sweet taste with a tinge of sourness and the scent of barley. Yummi House’s Mini Honey 6 in 1 Premium Gift box is convenient, handy, and easily a suitable gift of healthy food products.

S10 Tualang (Millennium) Gift Box

The King of the Asian Rainforest, the Tualang tree is found in Koompassia Excelsa, a Southeast Asian rainforest. This is where we can find the hive of the Apis Dorsata, which provides us the amazing Tualang line of natural wild honey. Enjoy the natural floral essence of the rainforest with the Tualang.

A49 Mahogany Gift Box

Collected from wild mahogany trees, enjoy the burst of flavours with each taste of the A49 Mahogany series. The signature deep hues of this line also make it stand out from the other natural wild honey available in our collections.

Get Your Choice of Healthy Food Gifts Now

It is always a good time to look out for one’s health. Let Yummi House be your capable guide to the world of wild natural honey and more today!

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