World of Wild Honey

"Madly in Love"
by Chef Eric

The honey you'll fall madly in love with.

Wild honey is a natural and nutritious from heaven, a precious gift of nature.

Out of the 60,000 different kinds of insects, only the honey bee can produce food for humans.

The best honey comes from natural and wild forests. However, natural wild honey is becoming more and more rare nowadays due to environmental factors.

Honey supplements daily living, and there are many different types of honey. Find one that is suitable for you.

 Monofloral Series

When the surroundings of a bee hive only has one type of flowers, bees will collect the nectar from only that specific type of flower. This type of honey is suitable for enhancing immunity, increase strength, soothing sore throats, and reliving the symptoms of cough and cold. This is most suitable for children and adults.

Polyfloral Series

When the surroundings of a bee hive has more than one type of flowers, bees will collect nectar from many types of flowers. This type of honey is good for detoxification, relieving indigestion, promoting sleep, weight loss, beauty and skin care. This is most suitable for ladies.


Honeydew Series

Honey found in the depths of the jungle. Bees collect the nectar from tree sap. It has a bitter taste and is high in nutrition. This type of honey enhances immunity, relieves back pain and enhances blood circulation. It is most suitable for elderly.

The Honey Our Grandpa Used to Collect
During our childhood, Grandpa would climbs mountains and brave wild forests to collect honey during his free time. Despite the pain of bee stings and long journey, Grandpa would smile and tell us that the honey is the most nutritious natural supplement and let us taste the honey. Although Grandpa is old, and many trees have been cut down in the forest, the honey that Grandpa collected lingers in our memories.
Yummi House embodies the spirit of Grandpa, braving the wild forests around the world once more to collect this precious wild honey, to present it to you once more.


Our Promise


Natural wild honey must be sourced from tropical rain forests countries worldwide.

Natural wild honey has to be the highest quality of all, and only contain natural mineral and nutrients.

Natural wild honey will not go through any chemical or heating processes, preserving its original state the original state.

Natural wild honey has no added sweeteners, and is naturally sweet, sour and a little bitter.


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