Bird's Nest (how to use)

How to keep?

  1. Bird's nest needs to be stored in a dry and cool place with good ventilation.

  2. Bird's nest can also be stored at room temperature as long as it is dry.


How to Cook?

1. Soak it

- Gently wash the bird’s nest with clean water, then soak them with room temperature water for approximately 4-6 hours.

- Make sure the water covers the entire bird’s nest when soaking.

2. Steam it

- Steam the soaked bird’ nest together with the soaked water for 30 minutes. You may add rock sugar depends on your preference. Or you may add pandan leaves into steamer water to enhance the flavour.

- Bird’s Nest can absorb water up to 6-8 times of its capacity; thus, it will expand after steaming.

3. Serve it

- Serve it warm and enjoy.

Precaution: Over steaming may cause the bird’s nest to dissolve into the water.



~Bird’s Nest and Egg Congee~


  1. 1 Bird’s Nest (6–7g)

  2. 150 g minced lean meat

  3. 120 g long grain rice

  4. Salt to taste

  5. 1 salted duck egg, cubed

  6. 1 century egg, cubed


1. Soak the bird’s nest in water for 4–6 hours.

2. Leave the birds nest in the water and steam for 30 minutes.

3. Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes.

4. Cook the soaked rice for 15 minutes.

5. Add the meat and cook for another 15 minutes on a low heat.

6. Once the congee is cooked, add the salted duck egg, century egg, and bird’s nest. Add salt to taste.

7. Serve warm.

~Bird’s Nest with Red Dates and Lily Bulbs~


  1. 1 bird’s nest (6 g)

  2. 6 red dates

  3. 20 g dried lily bulbs

  4. 2 cups boiling water

  5. Crushed rock sugar to taste


  1. Wash the red dates and remove pits.

  2. Wash the lily bulbs and soak until tender. Drain.

  3. Soak the Bird’s Nest in water for 4–6 hours.

  4. Leave the birds nest in the water and steam with the red dates and lily bulbs for 30 minutes.

  5. Dissolve the rock sugar in hot water and add to the Bird’s Nest soup.

  6. Serve either warm or cold.



1. For Cough,

Steam your bird’s nest together with snow pear will helps to relive cough as snow pears own the effects of clearing heat, numerous with malic acid, citric acid, vitamins and etc.


2. For after menstrual period,

Longan, red dates and medlar are commonly used in nutrition addition, equipped with the effect of blood fulfilment. Suitable for women to consume with bird’s nest after their menstrual period. Its tonic effect can not be replaced by an ordinary restorative.


3. For Pregnant women,

Suggest to consume bird’s nest twice a week, as bird’s nest contains a flourishing water-soluble protein, 19 kinds of certified minerals, sialic acid, vitamins and amino acids which is good for pregnant women and baby.


4. For working class,

Ginseng, known as “the king of herbs” is a famous medicine in the worldwide. With the combination of Ginseng and Bird’s nest, it helps to revive vitality, cure disease, tonify spleen and lung, engender liquid and allay thirst, tranquillise the mind and promote the intelligence to help you stay productive in your workplace.