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"Helped my husband get better stronger and much faster when he fell sick with flu and fever recovering from an operation. I also gave to my sister during her pregnancy and confinement period" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jean L.|SG

Freshly Steamed Imperial Grade Bird's Nest

Freshly Steamed Imperial Grade Bird's Nest

🩺 Combat Coughs & other Lung Diseases
🤰 Pregnancy All-in-One Enhancer
🥰 Rejuvenate Aging Skin
💪 Boost Recovery from surgery
🤍 100% Pure & responsibly sourced

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  • 1 Bottle consists 100% pure, unprocessed Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar (not so sweet) & Pandan Leaf

Pregnancy All-in-One Enhancer

The high protein content and Sialic acid nourishes mothers and their growing baby. It improves cognitive function and communication skills in children and enhances the immune system by promoting the development of the baby’s organs and tissues.

Ease Coughs & other Lung Diseases

Combat illness and Speed up recovery from chronic Cough, Asthma, breathlessness, heatiness, excessive sweating and blood in phlegm.

Boost Recovery during confinement or from surgery

Steamed Bird's Nest speeds up recovery by repairing damaged cells, providing more nutrition to regain strength, increase energy levels and boost vitality

Rejuvenate Aging Skin

Active proteins found in Bird's Nest activates cell regeneration, restoring skin smoothness and elasticity. This substance moisturizes, whitens, and protects the skin from oxidation, ageing and sagging.

Absorb many essential nutrients at once

Steamed Bird's Nest consists of Carbohydrates, Glycoproteins that support body functions and trace elements like calcium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and iron. It also contains Glucosamine, Sialic acid, vitamins and antioxidants.

100% Pure with no added preservatives

Our Bird's Nest does not undergo any chemical processing of any sort. We only collect the top quality, whitest Bird's Nest.

Results Guaranteed or your money back

If you do not see your desired results after the consumption of 3 sets of Steamed Bird's Nest (in 1 or multiple orders), we will refund you the full amount. We can be reached at +65 6282 0777 Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm. 

Endorsed by Chef Eric

  • 2x Olympic Gold Medal at Culinary Olympics
  • 3x Executive Chef of the Year
  • President, Singapore Chef's Association

Usage Instructions

  • Consume within 5 days (best within 3 days as no preservatives are added)
  • Refrigerate upon receipt
  • For warm consumption after refrigeration, separate Bird's Nest from water before warming as it might be dissolved inside with prolonged heat

Cooking Details

All our orders are steamed in the morning Monday to Friday at our central kitchen before sending it out for delivery. 

Free Shipping

We have couriers that pick up our Steamed Bird's Nest and deliver it on the same day with all its warmth and freshness

5 Days a Week Phone Support

We can be reached at +65 6282 0777 Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm 

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