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Natural Wild Honey


A precious gift from nature, honey has been used as a great way to enhance one’s health throughout history.

In the right situations, honey has also been used as a medical treatment. Here in Singapore, Yummi House produces the top grade of wild honey, sourced from natural honeycombs in the forest into your hands

Instead of pasteurised honey, the honey found here at Yummi House is raw, wild honey that has not undergone any additional processes, keeping the natural goodness without extra ingredients that affects the benefits. For our Muslim customers, you can enjoy everything Yummi House Singapore have to offer, as our processes produce Halal certified wild honey.

Choose the Class You Desire

Here at Yummi House Singapore, natural wild honey is the main attraction. However, we offer several different types to suit your everchanging tastes. Choose from the different types of honey under A Class, S Class, and Limited Class. There is something for everyone.

A Class Honey

Our most popular line, the A Class honey features the Monofloral, Polyfloral, and Honeydew series, each matured with no chemical additives. Our stringent quality control processes help ensure that what you taste is 100% natural wild honey. Check out the various health benefits from each subseries and pick one that would suit your tastes.

S Class Honey

Some of the best quality honey found at Yummi House Singapore, S Class honey is harvested from the depths of the wild jungle to retain its amazing taste. Witness its smooth texture and enjoy the equally smooth taste with this series. If you are looking for a gift, this selection would be perfect for any occasion.

Limited Class Honey

The most valuable and highest quality of honey found at Yummi House, the Limited Class honey contains the most extraordinary taste and texture. With limited availability, you need to move fast if you want the best of Yummi House Natural Wild Honey collection.

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