Imperial Bird's Nest


When it comes to Chinese delicacies that nourishes the mind, body, and soul, nothing comes as close as bird’s nest.

Yet, if that is not enough, and you want the best, then Yummi House’s line of imperial bird’s nest is made for you. Experience the best bird’s nest in Singapore today.

Only 20% of all bird’s nest can qualify as imperial bird’s nest. To ensure quality control, Yummi House adhere to the traditional hand pick method to produce top grade bird’s nest. It is to retain the most original nutritional value, as well as the tight and firm shape for a piece of quality bird’s nest.

Every piece of bird’s nest is then sterilised and air dried to minimise moisture content to less than 5%. Only pieces that meet all our strict requirements are packaged and sold as the best bird’s nest in Singapore.

Quality Matters

When it comes to picking bird’s nest, quality is vital for the best benefits. At Yummi House, you can shop and buy online with confidence when it comes to our selection of bird’s nest in Singapore.


With our handpicking method, you are guaranteed natural imperial bird’s nest that meet our high standards with our Authentic line. This results in nutritious, aromatic, and excellent tasting products that will delight all who have the good fortune of enjoying it.


A rare and valuable creation, King bird’s nests are rich in nutrients and benefits the human body in a multitude of ways. Only the bird’s nest that weight in at 9 grams or more can be considered to qualify. This is when swiftlets are the strongest, and able to build such nests in larger volumes.


The highest grade of bird’s nest there is, the Supreme line is easily considered the best bird’s nest in Singapore. Every single piece contains high nutritional value and can only be harvested every December. After harvesting, the bird’s nest is air dried and kept for 3 years before hitting the marketing. This is as rare as they come.

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