Natural Wild Honey

Why would the honey crystallised?

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This is the phenomenon of crystallisation, which occurs in most of the unheated and unprocessed honey. Some consumers may think honey crystallise due to the fact that additional sugars are added into the honey or that the bees are fed with sugar.

Honey crystallise actually is a natural physical phenomenon.Factors that affect the appearance of crystallisation are because of:(a) low storage temperature (below 13℃) or/and (b) the content of natural glucose in the honey is 60% or above.

How Can I Use the Honey?

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- You can drink it by preparing the honey with warm water (<70℃),and then drink it in warm or cold.

- You can eat directly, especially best when you are having sore throat or mouth ulcer.

- You can prepare in a more saturated /syrup type, and eat it with fruits, pancake, wafer or bread.

- You can use the honey as a substitute for sugar in other food or drink, Eg coffee or tea.

What is the white layer above the honey? Can we eat it?

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This is a common occurrence of fermentation as natural wild honey does not go through a heating process. The white layer is the appearance of enzymes, which formed when air bubbles from the enzymes float to the top. Along the way, these bubbles trap pollen and create foam. This layer is also known as a pollen ring.

How old can a child start drinking honey?

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The digestive system of baby is still immature under 1 year old,so we suggest to introduce honey to your baby only after 1 year old.

Paediatricians recommend waiting until your baby is at least 12months or 1 year old before introducing honey because honey may contain spores of bacteria that can cause botulism. This doesn't mean our honey supply is contaminated -- these bacteria are harmless to adults and children over 1.

Why are there so many types of honey?

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- The honey is categorised according to the environment of the honeycomb collected, which are monofloral, polyfloral and honey dewhoney (wild jungle).

a) Monofloral: bees collect nectar from the same flower environment.

b) Polyfloral: bees collect nectar from multiple flowers environment.

c) Wild jungle: bees collect honey from nectar and tree sap.

Will back pain recovered after drinking your honey?

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Natural wild honey is considered as natural food, but no medicine.If taking daily, it will help to relieve and improve the conditions.The effects and the recovery duration are depends on individual condition. If the condition is serious, please consult medical doctor.

Can we drink your wild honey when coughing?

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You can drink honey when you are coughing. The antibacterial function of honey has a certain antitussive (stop coughing) effect,and it can effectively kill the bacteria and viruses that cause sore throat.

Cold or hot coughing also can drink honey. For people who is more serious, he may cough more on the first day of drinking. On the second day, the phlegm will be discharged more, and he may feel better on the third day. Please remember to drink honey for a longterm to boost the immunity.

Where does your company’s wild honey collected from?

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The honey are collected from South America, Africa and SoutheastAsia. These honey are packaged in Indonesia, and exported toSingapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

What is Natural Wild Honey and what makes it so special?

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Wild honey is a natural honey that is truly produced by nature.The activity of bees is not control by human, hence the honeyproduced has the properties of “Source”, “Quality”,“Original” and “Taste”.

a) Source: Wild honey is generally obtained in large forests or insome unpolluted forests, mainly in South America, Africa, Egypt andIndonesia.

b) Quality: The concentration of wild honey is thicker, becausethe bees use their wings to evaporate the water contained in thehoney (less than 21%). Therefore, the nutritional value of naturalwild honey is very high.

c) Original: Wild honey is only filtered, without any addition ofartificial saccharin, artificial coloring and preservatives.

d) Taste: Due to the difference in environment and nectar, thehoney obtained contains different tastes, nutrients and colors.Natural wild honey has the taste of sweet, sour, acerbic and bitter.

After drinking wild honey, I need to go to the toilet more frequent. Why?

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Yes, some people will go to the toilet more often after drinking honey. This is because honey has natural enzymes, which are very good for bowel movements and detoxification.

Why the same type of your honey has different concentration?

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Natural wild honey is collected in different environments(including climate, forests, flowers etc.) and by different species of bees, therefore the concentration, taste, nutrients and colour will be different. In addition, the honey is simply filtered after the collection, without any processing, so the concentration of honey will be different.

Why your wild honey doesn’t have expiry date and how long can honey be stored?

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The real honey which do not undergo any kind of process and without additive will not expire, because honey has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect. Therefore, honey is a natural preservative and has no expiry date.

Honey has been used extensively by the ancient Egyptians in their daily lives. They even painted honey on mummies as the natural preservatives.

When is the best time to drink your honey?

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We recommend to consume honey on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed at night. Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning allows our intestine to absorb the nutrients in the honey and to replenish energy. Drinking at night before going to bed can help in detoxification and improve sleeping quality.

Introduce the types and functions of different honey to consume in the morning (e.g. monofloral, wild jungle) and evening (e.g.polyfloral).

The wild honey is so useful and it sounds like an elixir?

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In the society nowadays, we take a lot of unhealthy foods such as fast food, canned foods, and processed foods. These foods contain many ingredients that are harmful for the human body, including artificial colouring, preservatives and chemicals. In addition, the nutritional value of these foods is also very low. Long-term consumption of these unhealthy foods is very harmful to our human body.

Imperial Bird's Nest

How to choose a piece of quality bird’s nest?

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The most important criteria for choosing a piece of good bird’s nest is the raw material (raw bird’s nest) and cleaning process of the bird’s nest. A perfect bird’s nest has to maintain up to 90% of its originality. This originality will make sure that the texture stays optimum and rich in nutrients. It also contains lesser impurities;therefore, it cleaning process took lesser work to clean up. The top-grade bird’s nest requires a Picker Master to deal with it by using dry handpick method. This method uses the least water and required faster speed while doing dry handpick in order to maintain the shape, texture and nutrient of the bird’s nest.

Why there is various price of bird’s nest in the market?

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Different types of bird’s nest determine different prices, because the price comes from its value.There are three types of bird’s nest in the market to help you identifying the values of bird’s nest. The first type is the unqualified bird’s nest as it contains excessive dirt that cannot be cleaned nor consumed.

Second type, a clean bird’s nest that contain 50% of bird’s nest and 50% of impurities. This type of bird’s nest needs to be cleaned through soaking in the water and wait for it to expand, then only start picking up the dirt, change the water continuously throughout this whole process will result loss in nutrient and very time consuming.

Third type, is a perfect bird’s nest where it contains 90% of bird’s nest and it is easy to clean, no need to soak in the water, the Picker Master will be using traditional dry hand pick method to retain optimum nutrients and firm shape of the bird’s nest.

Is the bird's nest the more expensive the better?

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Not necessarily.

Because some unscrupulous merchants use fraudulent methods or techniques to process bird's nests and sell them too expensive or even unreasonable prices to make huge profits.

The price of bird's nest should be determined based on its own originality. Hence, we hope to educate consumers learn how to select and purchase a good bird's nest.

How long does the bird's nest need to be cooked?

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30 minutes will do for steaming bird’s nest. Bird’s nest itself melts easily when heated as it is made from swiftlets’ saliva. Over steaming or heating may cause bird’s nest melts and may affects its taste and texture.

How long does the bird's nest need to be soaked?

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At least 4 to 6 hours, to allow enough time for bird’s nest to absorb and expand.

Do I need to drain the water that used to soaked the bird's nest?

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We suggest to keep the water and steam together with the bird’s nest as the nutrients of the bird’s nest has penetrated into water while soaking. Therefore, no nutrients will be wasted.

What is the best way to cook bird's nest?

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Steamed is the best way to cook bird’s nest because it helps to retain the natural eggy smell, dense and delicate taste of the bird’s nest.

How long can the steamed bird's nest be stored?

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Steamed bird’s nest can be stored in fridge and consume within one week.

When is the best time to eat bird's nest?

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We generally suggest to consume in the morning or before going to bed. This is because morning is the best time for human body to absorb all the nutrients, and consume before going to bed can help to relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

How old can a child start consuming bird’s nest?

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The digestive system of baby is still immature under 1 year old, so we suggest to introduce bird's nest to your baby only after 1 year old.

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