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Taking Care of the Elderly with Yummi House

As we begin to age, our needs in terms of health will also increase. While everyone may have different life journeys, it is never too late to make better choices.

When it comes to natural health products that are essential to keeping one fighting fit, look no further than Yummi House.

We provide the healthiest options for your loved ones, and every single one of our products makes the perfect gift for parents and more!

The Benefits of Natural Wild Honey

S8 Baobab (Millennium)

A product made from the highest quality pollen and old tree sap, the Baobab line is harvested from the Millennium hive located in one of the world’s biggest tropical forest. With a truly unique taste that blends together bitterness and sweetness, this is perfect for a morning pick-me-up any day of the week.

S10 Tualang (Millennium)

The King of the Asian Rainforest, the Tualang tree is found in Koompassia Excelsa, a Southeast Asian rainforest. This is where we can find the hive of the Apis Dorsata, which provides us the amazing Tualang line of natural wild honey. Enjoy the natural floral essence of the rainforest with the Tualang, a perfect gift for parents.

S10 Tualang Gift Box

The Yummi House’s Mini Honey 6 in 1 Premium Gift box is convenient, handy, and gives you easy access to drink honey on the go.

Yemen Sidr Honey

Hailing from the Middle East, the wild natural honey harvested from the Sidr tree contain high medical values and benefits. The rich taste and wine-like aroma will sit well with both adults and the elderly.

Imperial Bird’s Nest Made for Health

Bengkulu Sea Super 7G and 8G

Harvested from the Indonesian city of Bengkulu, the unique environment found in the area attracts large flocks of Swiftlets that help produce this particular line of bird’s nest. Expect to taste the smooth and springy texture of the Bengkulu Sea Super, with a thick nature and the slight taste of seafood.

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