Old Copy of About Us

Our Story

Yummi House, established in 2007 and is a Singapore based company which now has a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and Mainland China. We specialise in Imperial Bird’s Nest and Natural Wild Honey, where we place commitment into researching and developing the best and most natural health products from the most primitive environments for the society. Also, we emphasise on best quality and originality with excellent customer’s satisfactions.

Yummi House won the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2010 for the most promising brand. Today, we able to have more than 100,000 members worldwide and this numbers keep on increasing.



Connecting nature’s treasures to you. 



To produce and provide superior products that: our CUSTOMERS will enjoy, our SOCIETY will benefit from, and our SHAREHOLDERS will support for long-term returns. 



  • Customer Service
    We are committed to engaging, listening to, and ensuring that our customers feel more than satisfied with our services. 
  • Honesty
    We are transparent about our processes and where our products are sourced.
  • Responsibility
    Our staff take charge of their projects and their relationships with our customers. 
  • Optimism
    The motto “Tomorrow will be better” is constantly communicated across ranks and departments.
  • Persistence
    We believe that success comes from facing challenges, gaining knowledge, and seeking continual improvement.
  • Spirit of Teamwork
    We invest heavily in every individual and in the spirit of teamwork so we can move forward as one organisation.