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Show Your Love with the Perfect Pregnancy Gift Set

Nothing comes close to feeling the warmth and love from a pregnancy. Whether you are shopping for a beloved pregnant friend or looking to dote on your pregnant wife, a gift from Yummi House will be perfect for their health during the pregnancy.

We have specially created a Monthly Bird’s Nest Package consisting of wild natural honey and bird’s nest tailored to meet the nutritional needs of expecting mothers. We guarantee the quality of our products is top-notch. After all, all mummies and babies deserve only the best.

The Benefits of Natural Wild Honey

A05 Mangosteen

A popular choice amongst the ladies, the A05 Mangosteen natural wild honey selection has a distinct sweet and sour taste with bitter notes. Harvested from beehives around mangosteen trees in the most natural of environments. A perfect gift to enhance the health of expecting mothers everywhere.

Cherry & Barley Gift Box

A wonderful gift for that pregnant friend or lovely wife, Yummi House’s Mini Honey 6 in 1 Premium Gift box is convenient, handy, and easily a suitable present for expecting mothers. Featuring the amazing cherry and barley lines of natural wild honey, enjoy the sweet taste with a tinge of sourness and the scent of barley.

Imperial Bird’s Nest Made for Health

Bengkulu Sea Super 7G and 8G

Harvested from the Indonesian city of Bengkulu, the unique environment found in the area attracts large flocks of Swiftlets that help produce this particular line of bird’s nest. Expect to taste the smooth and springy texture of the Bengkulu Sea Super, with a thick nature and the slight taste of seafood.

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Be sure to order early to get premium health products like those above as gifts for your pregnant wife/friend. Do check out all of our other products and enjoy the gift of health from Yummi House today!

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