World of Bird's Nest

"You deserve the Best"
by Chef Eric

The bird's nest that you can consume with a peace of mind.

Imperial bird’s nest is one of the four major supplements in Chinese culture. It used to be a tribute to the emperor in ancient times.

A piece of finely crafted bird's nest.

Do not buy or consume bird's nest if you have not done your research.

In 2011, an incident known as the “poisonous blood bird’s nest incident” occured in the Chinese Bird’s nest market. It was found that 99% of blood bird nest sold in the market was unsuitable for consumption, and that the nitrate content of blood bird’s nest exceeded that of standard bird’s nest. Unscrupulous merchants contaminated ordinary white bird’s nest with feces to make them into blood bird’s nest, or used pigments to dye them and market them as blood bird’s nest. Before this incident, the bird’s nest industry was very popular among Chinese consumers. However, since the incident, the consumers had lost trust in the industry and the bird’s nest market was hit hard. (Source: In-depth report of the Chinese Bird’s nest industry, 2019).

In order to increase profits, companies speed up the production rate of bird's nest and use chemicals to clean bird's nest. Hence, it is difficult for the average consumer to be completely sure that the bird’s nest they buy is safe for consumption. However, Yummi House insists on selling traditionally hand-picked bird's nests, without the use of preservatives or chemicals.


How to choose a piece of high-quality bird's nest that you can be rest assured?

Bird's nest is a nourishing and nutritious commodity for all ages, there's always one suitable for you.


Authentic Bird's Nest

Approximately 80% of all natural bird's nests harvested from caves are not sold due to their poor quality. Only 20% of natural bird's nests can be sold as they are already clean enough to be hand-picked for impurities. Among the 20% of the bird’s nests harvested, only 6% of the bird’s nests are heavier than 12g. Bird’s nests are rich in nutrients ,have a distinct aroma and taste delicate. These bird's nests were used as a tribute to the emperor in the past,and thus they are called the Imperial Bird’s Nest.

King Bird's Nest

Among all the selected handpicked authentic bird's nests,few pieces of bird's nest weigh over 9 grams. Only a small number of swiftlets are able to produce large amounts of saliva to make their nests. Bird’s nests that weigh more than 9g are called King Bird's nests. While they are rich in nutrients, this type of bird’s nest has a small yield, and hence are considered very precious.

Supreme Bird's Nest

Bird’s nest of the highest grade gives a rich and dense mouth-feel upon simmering, similar to the melt-in-your-mouth texture and savoury aroma of shark’s fin. Supreme bird’s nest is known for its rarity and high nutritional value. During the month of December annually, particularly at the beginning of the monsoon season, swiftlets have access to abundant food. Supreme bird’s nest can only be harvested then, thus explaining its rarity. Supreme Bird’s Nest is air dried and kept for 3 years before it hits the shelves. With its complete state and gelatinous texture, supreme Bird’s nest resembles abalone upon simmering, marrying the ideal taste and shape.

Steamed Bird's Nest

With a click of a mouse, you can have the freshest and healthiest steamed bird’s nest any time, anywhere. The highest quality Imperial Bird’s Nest is bottled and steamed on-site using the traditional method to retain its original nutritional content.

Our Promise


Bird's nests are sourced from many regions in South-east Asia, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. After the process of cleaning and removing any impurities in the bird’s nests, our bird’s nests are subjected to strict quality control prior to packing and selling.

Bird’s nests contain natural minerals and nutrients. The close supervision of hand-pickers and good quality control by Yummi House results in our bird’s nests having low moisture content and being of the highest standards.

Yummi House conducts a simple yet professional cleaning process in which all the bird’s nests are manually handpicked. This prevents the loss of nutrients caused by the repeated cleaning of the nests and ensures that the firm shape of every piece of bird’s nest is preserved.

Apart from its natural scent, bird’s nest also has an eggy aroma due to the fact that there is a unique active protein fragrance present in bird’s nest. Upon consumption, one can enjoy the smooth texture of bird’s nest which melts in your mouth.

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