Wild Honey (how to use)

How to Keep?

  1. Always remember to close to lid tightly as this is to prevent unwanted moisture and unrelated odours.

  2. Store under room temperature and do not keep in fridge as it will cause honey to solidification.

  3. Always clean and wash the outer part of bottle which doing so prevent contamination and the transference of smells onto the honey.

  4. Do not use metal spoon to scoop the honey. 

How to Use?
    1. Prepare the drinking glass or cup and wooden or plastic spoon.

    2. Prepare a cup of warm water that is below 70°C

    3. Use the wooden spoon to scoop up around 25 -30g of Honey.

    4. Stir for 30 seconds till the honey completely dissolved from the spoon.

    5. Depends on personal preferences, you may serve it warm and consume directly or you may pour it into shaker and add in some ice cubes to serve it as cold icy honey drinks. Add in slices of lemon will also add in the refreshing taste for your honey drinks.



    ~Honey Syrup~


    1. Honey + Water (Serves 1)


    1. Mix honey in water. Make sure that your ratio is at 1:1 honey to water. The water should not exceed 70oC.

    2. Serve or set aside for future use.

    3. To preserve the syrup, keep it refrigerated in a sealed container.

    ~Honey Avocado Milkshake~


    1. 1 ripe avocado peeled and de-cored

    2. 200ml milk

    3. 2-3 ice cubes

    4. Yummi House Honey to taste


    1. Place all ingredients into the blender.

    2. Add Yummi House Honey to taste.

    3. Blend until smooth

    4. Serve.

    More Honey Recipe Videos: 

    Floral Honey Banana Milkshake

    Ginger Honey Drink


    1. For Cough and Flu,

    Prepare a cup of 250ml warm water, add 1 wooden spoon of honey around 25 – 30g. Stir well, then add in a slide of ginger and served it warm. Drink twice a day for 3 days you will be feeling better.


    2. For Sore throat,

    Scoop a small spoon of wild honey around 10 grams and consume directly just like having a lollipop! By consume it 3 times a day for 3 days long, it will eventually soothe your scratchy throat and relief your pain from having sore throat.


    3. For Constipation,

    Prepare a cup of 250ml warm water, add 1 wooden spoon of honey around 25 – 30g then stir well, drink warm. First cup in the morning, drink 3 times per day. About 2-3 days, you'll feel better and smoother of your bowel movements.


    4. For Backache,

    Prepare a cup of honey from Dew Honey series and add a slice of ginger. It helps to relief your pain and enhance blood circulation. Suggest to drink at morning.


    5. For detoxification,

    Suggest to drink a cup of honey from our Poly Floral Honey series. Suggest to drink at Night time as 11pm to 2pm is a Chinese “meridian clock” when each organ system is most active which helps to detoxification of your body.