A05 Mangosteen
A05 Mangosteen
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A05 Mangosteen

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Generally there is not only one kind of nectar in forest, but more inclined to be rich in various kinds of flower species and nectar. Although bees collect nectar from only one kind of flower at a certain time, if the species of flowers in the surrounding environment are not single enough, or the species of flowers covered by the environment contain two or more species of nectar, most of the bees will used to collect more than one type of nectar to make honey, collectively known as Polyfloral.

Effect: Suitable for detoxification, indigestion, promote sleep, constipation, skin care, allergies, gastrointestinal problems and diet. Recommended to consume during the evening or night.

More info:
1. Natural Wild Honey don't have expiry date.
2. Do not use metal spoon to scooped honey.
3. No need to keep Natural Wild Honey in fridge ( Put it on room temperature and do not expose to Sunlight ).
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